How to learn Spanish Language at Home

By Jasmine on June 14, 2023

Best Ways To Learn Spanish Language at Home

If you’re reading this article that means that you are thinking about learning Spanish from home. Good for you! Learning a new language is challenging, but it can be fun and exciting too!

Studies show that learning a new language increases brain function and concentration. It can also help you on your way to a new career and give you access to opportunities you may not have experienced otherwise.

Wanting to learn is the first step in the process towards becoming bilingual. The second step is finding a good language program to learn from. Choosing to learn from home instead of in a traditional classroom may seem like it would limit your learning options, but it is just the opposite.

Many online programs offer a variety of learning options for students of all ages. Whether you want to invest in a comprehensive program that will help you become a fluent Spanish speaker or you just want to brush up on the basics for an upcoming trip, there is a program out there for you.

In this article, I’m going to share some tips and tricks to help you learn Spanish as quickly as possible. I’ll go over information that will help you choose the best Spanish program for you and at the end, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about learning Spanish.

How Quick Can I Learn Spanish?

Before we get into the details of how to choose a program, let’s talk about the question that is on every new language learner’s mind: How long will this process take?

Well, you are the only person who knows the answer to that question. The speed at which you learn is determined by a few key factors including your learning style, your determination, and your environment.

Some people can pick up new languages very quickly, they simply have a knack for it

The rest of us, on the other hand, really have to work at it. Just because you do not start speaking fluently in two weeks does not mean that you can’t learn, it just means you have to be patient.

I’ll discuss learning styles in more detail in the next section, but it is important to know how much your learning style can affect how quickly you learn. If you have tried to learn a new language before and struggled, it may just be that the information was not presented in a way that matched your learning style.

Some programs will make statements like, “Learn to speak Spanish in two weeks!” and I’m not saying that those companies are lying, but they may be leaving out some important details, such as how you may have to study for eight hours a day and speak nothing but Spanish for those two weeks to learn that much in such a short amount of time.

A better way to approach this learning opportunity is not to ask, “How can I learn quickly?”, but to ask “How can I learn efficiently?”.

Learning any language is a lifelong process. I’ve spoken English my entire life and I still learn new words all the time. That is how my Spanish journey has been as well and suspect that your journey will be the same.

As I said at the beginning, learning a new language is challenging, but anyone can do it with the right tools and a true desire to learn. Determination is one of the biggest factors that will ensure quality learning.

If you are determined to learn, then you will. It will just be easier with the right resources. So let’s talk about a few tips that will help you to learn a little faster.

Tips To Help You Learn Spanish Faster

No matter what your learning style is, these are things that can drastically increase the speed at which you begin speaking your new language.

  • Practice! I know you have heard this before, but practicing every day is the most important way to improve. This does not mean just repeating the same words and phrases over and over. Find fun ways to practice like using a fun language app or trying to remember the Spanish word for every object in your room. Every little bit helps!
  • Listen! The more Spanish you hear every day, the more your ears will become accustomed to hearing the different words and sounds. Listen to Spanish music, audio books, or watch your favorite television shows in Spanish.
  • Read! Read at least a little Spanish every day. Start with simple things like the phrases in your Spanish lessons, then move on to children’s books. This will help you to learn spelling and grammar without having to spend hours pouring over boring grammar rules.
  • Talk! Speaking with native Spanish speakers is another great way to learn. If you do not have any Spanish speaking friends, many online programs allow you to speak to native Spanish speakers to build your skills. Check out Speaky to talk directly to native speakers or use Speachling to get feedback from native speakers.
  • Be Patient! Remember that this is a learning process. You did not learn to speak your first language in two weeks, did you? It takes time to learn. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Keep learning and trying every day and soon you will be speaking Spanish fluently!

Best Program to Learn Spanish At Home

The best tip I have for learning Spanish as quickly as possible is to find a good Spanish language program for your learning style. Although there are many quality programs to choose from, it is important to find one that you are comfortable with.

The happier you are with your chosen program, the more likely you are to use it every day, which will in turn speed up the learning process.

What type of learner are you?

Most people have more than one particular learning style that they are comfortable with, but it is important to know which one you like best.

Although there are many different types of learning, the main three I am going to talk about in this article are Aurel or audio, visual, and verbal.

Aurel: learning is learning through sounds and music. This is a type of learning that most people are at least generally comfortable with. Many people find that learning to something to music is much easier than learning it without. Think about how we learn the ABCs.

Visual: learning is learning through pictures or images. This has a lot to do with the way we learned our first language, by seeing the images around us and slowly matching the words to the things we could see.

Verbal: learning is learning through speaking or hearing words spoken as well as reading. As you can guess, this is a very important type of learning when it comes to learning a new language.

As you begin looking into Spanish language programs, consider your learning preferences. Do you prefer to listen to a lesson, take notes and then practice afterward? Perhaps you prefer more of a visual approach, such as a lesson using flash cards. Maybe a program that involves mostly speaking or reading would be better for you.

Take a little time to consider which option sounds most like the way you like to learn and look for a program that fits. Most home Spanish programs utilize all three types of learning, but others lean more on a single style.

If you’re still not sure about your style, don’t worry, many programs offer free trials so you can try a few and see which works best for you.

I’m going to give you a few suggestions for some great online programs, dividing them into two categories: Programs for beginners and programs for those who want to achieve fluency.

Where To Begin?

The reason I split these suggestions into two categories is because not everyone is starting from the same level of fluency.

If most of the Spanish you know is what you learned from Sesame Street, then you will want to find a good program for beginners. If you have taken a few classes and know the basics, then you won’t want to waste time going back over things you already know.

Learn Basic Spanish Online

For students who are starting from scratch and want a fun way to start their language journey there are programs like Duolingo, Lingvist, Busuu, and Memrise.


Duolingo combines visual, audio, and verbal teaching styles to help learners of all kinds. The lessons are short and easy to squeeze into a tight schedule. The free version gives you access to hundreds of lessons that will help you learn the basics on a fun and comfortable platform.


Lingvist is a subscription language program that uses spaced repetition and flashcards to help you learn in an entertaining way. The lessons feel almost like a game, motivating you to do and learn more. This is a great choice for visual and audio learners.


Busuu offers over 1000 fun Spanish lessons that will help you improve your grammar and vocabulary. The major benefit of Busuu is that you can record yourself speaking Spanish and send it to native speakers for helpful feedback. This is a great choice for verbal learners.


Memrise is a free program that uses flashcards like you have never seen them before. They have flash cards for beginners and more advanced Spanish learners and offer flashcards on subjects like football, arguing, and things you carry in your backpack. This is a good option for visual and verbal learners.

Keep in mind that these programs can be used alongside other more structured programs to give you more opportunities to practice. Remember, the more Spanish you see every day, the more you'll learn.

Learn Fluent Spanish On The Web

For those who want to become fluent speakers, you will want to look into some more comprehensive programs such as Lengalia and Rocket Spanish as well as programs that offer more exposure to native speakers such as Speechling and Gritty Spanish.


Lengalia offers in-depth Spanish lessons for every level of learner from beginner to expert. If you complete the entire course you can achieve a CEFR certificate, meaning you are more than fluent. Lengalia offers lessons for every type of learner, but its strength is in an extensive library of written learning materials, making this great for verbal learners.

Rocket Spanish

Rocket Spanish is another comprehensive program that provides lessons for learners of all levels, all the way to expert. They even offer specialized lessons such as Business Spanish and Medical Spanish. The bulk of Rocket Spanish’s lessons are audio lessons, but there are a lot of opportunities for speaking Spanish as well, making this great for audio and verbal learners.


Speechling is a program that helps you to speak like a native. You can listen and practice along with native Spanish speakers as well as send in recording for quality feedback. Speechling offers tons of audio and verbal lessons and has both a free and subscription program.

Gritty Spanish

Gritty Spanish is the ultimate choice for those who want to practice listening in Spanish. You can listen to fun stories told by native speakers at a normal speed so you can learn how real Spanish speakers talk. These are not the super scripted stories you would expect from a teaching program, these are the types of stories you want to listen to. They offer stories for beginners up to expert level speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Spanish an easy language to learn?

That depends on you, but overall, if you already speak English, Italian, or French, then yes, Spanish is an easy language to learn, especially when compared to the Asian languages such as Japanese or Korean which I would consider very challenging.

How can I learn Spanish?

Practice! Using the information in this article you are sure to find a Spanish program that works for you. Find a fun program (or two!) that you can stick to and practice every day. Also remember my other tips: Listen, Read, Talk, and Be Patient.

How can I learn Spanish at home for free?

There are many great programs to choose from such as Speechling or Duolingo. You can also take advantage of other internet resources such as videos on YouTube and free reading materials on other teaching websites. You can also listen to Spanish music or watch Spanish television programs.

What is the fastest way to learn Spanish?

Remember, this is not about speed, it is about efficiency. Trying to learn fast may not be the best way for you. You can improve the quality of your learning through increased immersion. The more you hear and speak Spanish every day, the sooner you will be speaking it with ease.

How To Learn Spanish Language At Home: Final Thoughts

Learning Spanish is a great endeavor that will improve your life. Learning a new language may be a challenge, but it is a challenge worth taking. The best way to learn efficiently and quickly is to practice Spanish every day.

Listen to Spanish music or podcasts, read Spanish stories, or go online to talk with native speakers. Most importantly, choose a Spanish language program that fits your learning style. The more comfortable you are with the program, the more you will want to learn.

Remember, there are all kinds of free online learning programs, so even if you do not want to invest in a full program right now, you can still start learning today! I hope this article has given you all the information you need to choose your Spanish language program today. Happy learning!

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