about language throne 


My name is Jasmine Lopez. I’m the creator of this site. I speak fluently in many languages.

We have many resources to help you learn and speak any language that you wish. Learning a new language can be fun! There are so many apps and different ways you can learn online right from your home. We are here to make your learning journey easier. 

I have personally spent hundreds of hours testing out different ways you can learn to speak a new language online. We also have a team of people that do many tests on all the different language programs and language learning apps.

Combined we have completed thousands of hours testing and providing you with an honest review of many different programs.

We hope that you find all of our resources and reviews helpful.

If you need anything please email us at Jasmine@LanguageThrone.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you,

- Jasmine

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